Street food

Ye MEN Grill (Bachstraße 144)

Right next to the Bilker Arkaden you can order vegetarian and vegan Döner. You will get 10% discount on every order with ESNcard!

Fritten Piet (Hunsrückenstraße 41/ Grafenberger Allee 149)

At Piet’s you get delicisious dutch chips for little money. You might try “Pommes Spezial” with ketchup, mayonnaise and onions.

Ham-Ham (Kurzestraße 5)

At weekends you get juicy German Spießbratenbrötchen (rolls with roasted meat) and Yugoslavian Cevapcici until 5.00 am.

Chop Chop (Bolkerstraße 7)

At the centre of the Altstadt hustle and bustle you can get Thai and Chinese food. They have seats inside and on the street.

Thaido (Burgplatz 1)

Mini-Pizza (Mertensgasse 5)

The night owls of the Altstadt meet at this place every weekend. A Pizza Margherita costs 4.50€.

My Gemüse-Döner (Bach Straße 126)

Right next to the Bilker Arkaden you can order vegetarian and vegan Döner. The vegetables are fried and for those of you want some meat they offer a Chicken-Döner.

Asia Wok Pempelfort (Derendorfer Straße 78)

Berliner Imbiss (Hauptbahnhof/ Graf-Adolf-Platz/ Königsalle 56)

Here you get Berlin Currywurst!

German food

Benders Marie (Andreasstraße 13)

Schnitzel, Haxe, Sauerbraten and Klöße. Everybody who likes lots of meat and wants to taste good and solid German food will get his money worth in the traditional public house Benders Marie.

Schlösser Quartier Bohème (Ratinger Straße 25)

Brauerei Schumacher (Oststraße 123)

Zum goldenen Einhorn (Ratinger Straße 18)

Schalander (Kölner Landstraße 247, right next to the tram station Ickerswarderstraße)

You want to taste German potato dishes? Then you should try Schalander’s “Bratkartoffelpfanne”!


Pizzeria Pinocchio (Altestadt 14)

In 2013, this Pizzeria has been voted as the fourth best Pizzeria in Germany by Tripadvisor.

A Tavola (Wallstraße 11)

In this small Italian restaurant you won’t find any Pizza. Instead they offer housemade antipasti, pasta and delicious fish and meat dishes. During summertime you can sit outside in the small alleyway. It’s the right place for everybody who’s looking for a bit of Italy in Düsseldorf.

Ristorante Arlecchino (Andreasstraße 3)

Vapiano (Martin-Luther-Platz 28)


Syrtaki (Vennhauser Allee 226)

Taverne Pegasos (Kirchfeldstraße 50)


Mayur (Hohe Straße 2)

Tandoori (Immermannstraße 32)

Kirtis Dhaba (Düsseltalerstraße 1a)


Above all Düsseldorf has been known for its close relations to Japan. This can be seen in the quarter all around Immermannstraße. A great number of Japanese companies are situated in this area. Among them are many sushi restaurants and Asian supermarkets.

Okinii (Immermannstraße 35)

Here you pay for the time of your dinner not the food.  In 2,5 hours you can order up to 8 dishes per Person. If you do not finish your plate you have to pay extra. This concept prevents food dissipation.

Naniwa (Ostraße 55/ Klosterstraße 68a)

Yabase (Klosterstraße 40)

Kiku Sushi (Oststraße 65)

Kushi-tei of Tokyo (Immermannstraße 38)