We have collected a selection of bars and pubs in Düsseldorf for you:

Bars and Pubs

Brewery Kürzer (Kurze Straße 18-20)

In this cosy but modern brewery you always get a fresh Altbeer. The guests are your young and good-humoured. The other breweries in Düsseldorf: Zum Schlüssel (Bolkerstraße 41-47), Brauerei im Füchschen (Ratinger Straße 28), Brauerei Schumacher (Oststraße 123).


Tigges is a student pub thatis located right next to the train station in Bilk. The beer is cheap and the atmosphere is homely.


On Thursdays between 09.00 and 12.00 P.M., students get their next beer for free if they buy a large beer or cider (0,4l). Furthermore, you can join the traditional pub-quiz on Sunday evenings from 19.30.

Kassette (Flügelstraße 58)

In dieser Bar spielen regelmäßig internationale Musiker. Wie viel Eintritt du bezahlst kannst du am Ende selbst entscheiden. Jeder wirft dann etwas Geld für die Musiker in einen Hut.

In this bar international musicians give concerts on regular basis. You can decide for yourself how much you pay for the concert. At the end everybody puts some money for the musicians into a hat.



Glittering cushions and oriental decoration transform this beautiful Moroccan café into a special place. They serve delicious but slightly expensive cocktails, Moroccan pastries and spiced tea.

In the „Altsstadt you can find a great number of cocktail bars all around Bolkerstraße, Kurze Straße and Ratinger Straße:

Siam Cocktailbar (Kurze Straße 13)

Sweetheart (Bolkerstraße 32)

Sausalitos (Bolkerstraße 30)