Baking Christmas cookies probably belongs as much to the pre-Christmas-peroid - as Gin belongs to Tonic, as Fish belongs to Chips or as much as Altbier belongs to Düsseldorf. You’ll probably see where this is heading to!


During the pre-Christmas-period, it’s a good old German tradition to literally sweeten the waiting time with delicious cookies. It’s common to listen to some Christmas songs while doing so - especially Rolf Zuckowski is a very popular artist to listen to while baking Christmas cookies (I’d strongly recommend you to google “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” - It’s a very sweet song for children and it’s about making Christmas cookies - so it fits perfectly.:))


Typically German Christmas pastries are Spritzgebäck, Spekulatius, Zimtsterne, Lebkuchen, Zimtstollen and the very famous Vanillekipferl.


Since the introduction is already very long - let’s start with the recipe!

What you need for very yummy Vanillekipferl:


560 g flour

160 g sugar

400 g soft butter

200 g chopped hazelnuts or almonds


For the coating you need:

100 g sugar

4 packets vanilla sugar


This is how we do very yummy Vanillekipferl:


Cut the butter into small pieces and put those together with flour, sugar and nuts into a big bowl and knead the ingredients to a proper dough.

Afterwards the dough needs to cool down for one hour in your fridge.


Try to mould four sausages with about the same size. Take the sausage into strikes of about 1 cm width and shape those stripes in the typical shape of a Kipferl. It should look like a crescent.


Take your Kipferl into the oven for about 15 minutes on 175°C until they look auburn.


In order to become a Vanillekipferl, your Kipferl need a coat made of vanilla. To do so you just blend the rest of the sugar with the vanilla sugar. After the kipferl cooled down you can make them dance in your sugar mixture. Done! :)




You’ll get roughly 100 very delicious Vanillekipferl out of this recipe.

Enjoy your selfmade Vanillekipferl and think of ESN Düsseldorf while eating them! :)